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Crevi Ingenieros S.L. is a dynamic consultancy specialized in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, with the passion of providing PRACTICAL solutions and a RELIABLE management, to ALL types of structures and machinery projects.

Since our foundation in 2011, we have been focused on simple and robust solutions to challenges presented to us, giving high priority to the constructive communications with client and the compliance with project schedule.

The bespoke professional services to discerning clients over the years allowed us to access and develop projects of high complexity and diversity throughout the Europe.

With a dedicated and experienced team, and in response to the growing demand for the high efficiency machinery design, in 2015 we extended our service to R & D design and prototyping by acquiring a workshop of more than one thousand square meters and fully equipped for design verification and the final product certification.

This improvement provides us the base for a quick check and verification of multiple alternatives during the conceptual design phase. And for the detail design, it complements the FEM analysis, and covers the irregularities and inconsistencies between virtual and real models.

As a result, while other engineers will only say if a mechanism could or not work, based on a lot of assumptions, we can confirm whether if it really works or not.       

Orjan photo.png
Ørjan Tveit
Founder and Principal
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